ხელის საოპერაციო მცირე 30ml ბოთლის E თხევადი შემავსებელი მანქანა

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ხელის საოპერაციო მცირე 30ml ბოთლის E თხევადი შემავსებელი მანქანა


ხელის საოპერაციო მცირე 30ml ბოთლის E თხევადი შემავსებელი მანქანა

A03 Manual liquid filling machine adopts piston structure, liquid, paste or other materials for 0-50ml quantitative filling. Can fill liquid, fluid food, oil, paste liquid material such as shampoo, cream, lotion etc. Applicable to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pesticides special industries, and also can be used for quantitative filing, sealing the hose, which is the ideal equipment of paste liquid filling.

Characteristics of this equipment:

1. With simple and reasonable structure, convenient manual operation, without any energy.
2. Equipped with filling volume adjuster knob, quantitative discharging, filling volume and filling speed can be controlled manually.
3. Material contact parts adopt 316L stainless steel, suitable for acid and alkali medium, conform to the requirements of the health food, medicine production.
4. The capacity of the hopper is 10L.

Applicable products:

Cosmetics industry: creme, shaving cream, shampoo, facial cleanser, nutrition, detergent, shampoo, essence, moisturizing cream, hand cream
Daily chemical industry: Lavatory net, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, automotive glass of water, etc.
Pharmaceutical industry: Emulsion, emulsion, cream (oil), oral syrup, oral liquid, etc.
Food industry: Sauce, cheese, nutrient solution, baby food, chocolate, sugar, etc.
Chemical industry: Latex, sauce, saponification products, paint, paint, resin, adhesives, lubricants, etc.

სწრაფი დეტალები

ტიპი: შევსების მანქანა
მდგომარეობა: ახალი
Application: Chemical, Commodity, Medical, Cosmetic
Packaging Type: Bags, Bottles, Cans, Pouch, Stand-up Pouch
Packaging Material: Carton
Automatic Grade:Manual
Driven Type: Manual
Voltage: 0
Power: 0
წარმოშობის ადგილი: შანხაი, ჩინეთი (მატერიკზე)
ბრენდის სახელი: NPACK
Dimension(L*W*H): 360*340*790mm
Certification:CE Certificate
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Product Type: Cream, liquid, paste etc.
Material: Stainless Steel
Filling range: 5~50ml
Filling accuracy: ±1%
Filling nozzle: With 2 respectively: 4mm & 8mm


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